Trợ giúp khách hàng

Trợ giúp khách hàng

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a genuine platform for Friso Gold?

How can I place an order?

Can Friso Gold deliver to East Malaysia?

Why can't I find any infant food products in this platform?

What is the minimum products sheft life that you can guarantee?

How frequent will you have promotion?

How will I know if my ordered is confirmed?

How long does it take to ship the products?

How can I track of my order?

Can I pick my preferred delivery date and time?

Is there any shipping fee?

Can I change the shipping address after placing the order?

What are the payment methods available?

Can I cancel my order?

Who should I contact if there is any issue with my order?

Are the items replaceable/ returnable/ refundable in the event if the item is damaged?

When will items that are Out of Stocks be replenished?

Are the products sold on this platform cheaper?